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This mansion in an old dwelling built at the beginning of the 17th century in one of the most ancient street of old Paris, in those days the actual bld St Germain formed the limit of the city. La rue serpente formerly Vieus serpentis dates from 1180, st derived its name from a sing representing a serpent and not because it twisted or wound the trace of this serpent can be found to day at nearby 5 rue, Hautefeuille in a beautiful renaissance maison with turret. The in the caretaler’s loge can be seen a wooden sculptured mermaid a serpent it represents fairy melusine or the women serpent which was the godesse guardian angel of the provinz of poitou it gaves its name to the nearby rue des poitevins . In the middle age the rue serpente was only a small path crossing vineyards Clos de Laas belonging to the abbey of saint germain des près.At the later date noble dwelling were built mansion of henneval, the mansion of tillet de Montarme.

This house is actually situated on that spot. Until the French revolution in 1789 lived there the marquese de Berosse then le marquis de la Mothe St heraye le comte de Breuil le marquis de Billemort, le marquis de Bleumartin and lastly the Comte de l’Arvoisin .Camp Marshall of the armies of ring Louis XVI. In 1908 the mansion was transformed for its present use under the name Hotel du Lys so to perpetuate by the loyalty of the old owners to the emblem of the crown of France. We have tried to make this old house as attractive and confortable as possible in spite of the little inconveniences which we must accept as a tribute to the past

Emplacement de l'hotel

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