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Hôtel du Lys

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This room has a flat-screen TV, wardrobe and individual heating. It also has a private bathroom with free toiletries, hair dryer and bathtub or shower.

Rates and bookings

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Our available rooms and our promotions are not all permanently proposed on the internet. To book the best rooms and benefit from our best promotions, the best is to contact us directly by mail or by phone.

This will allow us to dialogue to find together the best possible reservation.

Hôtel du Lys

Tel : (33) 1 43 26 97 57

Fax : (33) 9 71 70 42 81

Email : hoteldulys@orange.fr

23 Rue Serpente 75006 Paris

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Hôtel du Lys makes your comfort and satisfaction an absolute priority.